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Why 4 Million Users Worldwide Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Outlook Integration with CRM

Outlook Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is immersed within Outlook – the application your people probably use every day. Emails, appointments, tasks and contacts are flawlessly and effortlessly sync’ed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Want automated notifications? Want custom fields on your forms? Want custom reporting? No problem! Enterprisecloud will work with you to tailor make your CRM to your business’ unique processes.

Cloud based CRM

Cloud Based

With Enterprisecloud (Microsoft SA’s Go-To Partner for Cloud CRM implementations), you can access your CRM from anywhere, any time you like (securely). We take care of the complex IT, you use CRM.


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely- implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers (or clients) and prospects. It involves using technology to organise, automate, and synchronise business processes—principally in the disciplines of sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer Relationship Management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments. Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.

Don’t have a CRM system? You might need to get back in control!

Will you make your sales number this year?

Research shows that sales people only spend between 10% and 20% of their time actually selling to customers. If that is true for your business, just think how much more you could get out of your sales team! Just implementing software may help, but if not done properly, you may end up in the same boat again. Our Catalyst for Sales program is designed to identify and overcome the constraints in your process, to help you and your team get focused on the right things, and to maximise your sales revenue.
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What is the cost of an unhappy customer?

What is the true cost of an unhappy customer? It is probable that they will leave you to find a supplier who “cares more”, but in today’s highly connected world, it is unlikely to end there. The average person has a network of 130 friends or followers on social media channels. So what are your customers saying about you? Our Catalyst for Service program is designed to combine world-leading CRM software with best practice principles in customer service excellence to ensure you always (or almost always) have happy customers.
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Customers are looking, but are they finding you?

The truth is, customers are out there looking for your products and services right now. When they come to you, they are more than half way through their buying cycle. So what kind of image are you putting out there? Are your prospects engaging with your business online? Is there anything you can do to influence them? Enterprisecloud’s Catalyst for Marketing program equips you with all the tools you need to not only stay afloat in today’s online world, but to excel beyond your competition.
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Think you don’t need a CRM system? Consider these stats…

Percentage of quotes (on average) that are not followed up on. Are you leaving money on the table?

The percentage of customers who are willing to pay more for a better experience. Is your service good enough?

Of customers today complain about products and services on social networks. What are they saying about you?

Buyers are more than 50% through the sales cycle before they even talk to you! What do they know about you?

Customer Testimonials

Our sales force is automated

Enterprisecloud helped us identify our business processes and to apply these processes within the application to suit our custom needs. From importing leads, qualifying them, and then producing. With this system we can now monitor the sales process from logging activity, importing leads, qualifying them, drafting and approving quotes as well as drawing reports and identifying trends. We would recommend the solution to any company that want to move to an electronic sales system.

Justin Hobday, NOSA

Effective CRM, great support

Enterprisecloud have been very supportive at all times from a service point of view and have always had a backup plan to assist our needs when required. The CRM System itself is extremely effective as well as user friendly and may be uniquely tailor made to suit the company’s requirements. I would recommend Enterprisecloud to implement their CRM System to other companies in the future.

Gailynne Peters, BankservAfrica

We have a handle on our clients

This neat CRM tool assists us to keep a handle on our clients, suppliers and prospects, and monitors each interaction with our business. The system is user-friendly and has many features which assists any user to get around with ease. The team at Enterprisecloud are also a bunch of really professional and friendly folks and make any customer query seem a breeze. They also offer training in layman’s terms.

Patricia Utton, Purple Frog


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