November 2017

Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on

Published by Barry Francis on the 02 of November 2017. Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on Portals, by their very definition, are a doorway to a location that was not accessible before without the portal. Every portal then [...]

July 2017

Dynamics CRM Plugins – The Basics

Published by Barry Francis on the 25th of April 2017.   Dynamics CRM has within it the tools needed to complete complex calculations through calculation fields, automation through workflows and dialogs, and web resources that allow [...]

Dynamics 365 Preview Features

Published by Barry Francis on the 15 of June 2017.   A preview feature is a feature that Microsoft have released into the Dynamics 365 offering bag that are not complete, but is made available for customers [...]

December 2016

Personal Views, Charts and Dashboards

Published by Barry Francis on the 23 of December 2016. We have worked through how to create personal views through advanced find, however, I have not revealed how to share a personal view or assign it. [...]

CRM 2016 Project Management

Published by Barry Francis on the 21 of December 2016. Like many professional service companies, keeping a track of project details, expense claims and time sheets can be quite daunting without a proper project management system [...]

Whats new in Dynamics 365

Published by Barry Francis on the 13 of December 2016.   Its always exciting to bring new movements within Microsoft to your attention as well as the value each new wave of innovation has in store for each [...]