December 2016

Personal Views, Charts and Dashboards

Published by Barry Francis on the 23 of December 2016. We have worked through how to create personal views through advanced find, however, I have not revealed how to share a personal view or assign it. [...]

CRM 2016 Project Management

Published by Barry Francis on the 21 of December 2016. Like many professional service companies, keeping a track of project details, expense claims and time sheets can be quite daunting without a proper project management system [...]

Whats new in Dynamics 365

Published by Barry Francis on the 13 of December 2016.   Its always exciting to bring new movements within Microsoft to your attention as well as the value each new wave of innovation has in store for each [...]

September 2016

Digital Transformation, Inside and Out

Published by Graham Davis on the 28th of September 2016. Is there a difference between turning to digital technology to unlock or even create capabilities which were previously impossible and digital transformation? One perspective would be to [...]

January 2016

A Full Guide into the CRM Outlook Client

Published by Barry Francis on the 15 of January 2016.   Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic tool for communication, scheduling and task and contact management. Not connecting this tool to your instance of CRM would be a [...]

CRM Timer Issue Fix (NaNh NaNh)

Published by Barry Francis on the 12 of January 2016.   There is an issue that can come up for some reason whereby the Timer Control on a CRM form displays the following: Figure: NaNh error If you [...]