Published by Shaun Dale on the 28th of March 2018.

Most business owners would agree that the customer service experience is among the most important aspects of running a successful business. However, when it comes to customer service, there is an overwhelming sense of frustration – from employees and customers alike – as companies over-promise and under-deliver. You might know everything about running a successful business, but customer interaction requires a unique skill set. If you find yourself completely lost when it comes to approaching customers, it might be time to re-evaluate your strategy.

In our experience, the two main causes of frustration with under-performing customer service are: silo’ed departments and customer-facing functions; and outdated support systems that cannot meet the demands of the digital-native customer. Instead of easy, personal and efficient customer service processes via their chosen channel, customers have to contact a company multiple times regarding the same issue and deal with agents who are unable to help and cause delays in responses.

Know Your Base

Half of the battle is knowing just who your customers are. Are they millennials or baby boomers? Tech-savvy or novices? What social media platform are they most likely to use? Start with creating a profile of your customer base so that you’ll be able to better understand, and react to their needs. Once you have a basic profile, you can evaluate your customer service team. It will never be possible to please everyone, and you want to stay within budget while trying to provide better service, but there might be some things that are easy to fix that you haven’t yet noticed, and once you’ve evaluated the strengths of each employee, you’ll be better able to put their skills to use in increasing the quality of your customer service.

The Digital-Native Customer

The digital-native customer wants things quickly –  products, services, and responses from the businesses they frequent. This means that you’ll need to be able to respond to customer reviews across multiple platforms and through multiple channels, as well as manage your brand on social media and on your own website.

One of the most important factors in delivering excellent service is consistency. No matter what outlet customers use to gain information about your company, they should be finding the same information. That’s a lot to manage, whether you’re just starting out and only have a few employees, or whether you’re an established business with lots of complexity, but there are tools to help you with the workload to ensure that your customers are getting the best service possible.

A customer service manager will be able to streamline your business’ interaction with customers and make sure that you are giving the best service possible. An automated customer service multichannel platform can also help you and can be very effective in maintaining a consistent message across channels. Customer service can seem overwhelming to a growing or established business, but it doesn’t need to be. You can take control of your customer service and make sure that the people who love your product or services remain completely satisfied. And with the technology available today, you can even automate it!

Engage Your Employees

Start with the fundamentals and bring all silos and functions within your company together under a central unified system. Then, streamline processes, remove mundane tasks through automation and focus on individuals by providing them with tools to help them prioritise and execute their different tasks to deliver excellent and consistent service to your customers.

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