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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification

Published by Barry Francis on the 16 of November 2018. Content Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification Installation Navigiation KPIs in Gamification Gamification Portal Gamification Roles Game Setup Email Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification Previously in CRM 2016, we used to use goals to determine each goal owner’s targets, actuals and in-progress measurements depending on [...]

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Dynamics 365 Word Templates

Published by Barry Francis on the 09 of November 2018. ContentRules/LimitationsNavigationEnable Developer TabCreating a Word TemplateUploading a Word TemplateDocument Template SecurityWorkflow using TemplatesMicrosoft Flow Converting to PDFMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Word TemplatesBefore Microsoft Dynamics Word templates was introduced, we had to create our own documents through mail merge, custom development or manual capture.Word [...]

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Microsoft Flow – Dynamics 365

Published by Barry Francis on the 11 of October 2018. Content Microsoft Flow Prerequisites What is Microsoft Flow? Microsoft Flow Licensing Microsoft Flow Access Microsoft Flow Setup Microsoft Flow Triggers Microsoft Flow Actions – Create a new record Microsoft Flow Actions – List records Microsoft Flow Actions – Delete a record [...]

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CaféX – Live Assist

Published by Barry Francis on the 19 of September 2018. Content CaféX - Live Assist What is Live Assist? CaféX Pricing CaféX Live Assist Overview Setup Dynamics 365 Changes Functionality Initiating Chat Live Chat Functionality Live Engage Live Engage Walkthrough Live Engage - Pre and Post Surveys CaféX - Live Assist [...]

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Microsoft Forms

Published by BARRY FRANCIS on the 21 of August 2018. Microsoft Forms Content Microsoft Forms Prerequisites What are Microsoft Forms? Microsoft Forms Licensing Microsoft Forms Access Microsoft Form Setup Theme Form Fields Preview Branching Microsoft Form Responses Permissions Settings Sharing Microsoft Flow Microsoft Forms Prerequisites What are Microsoft Forms? Microsoft Forms [...]

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A basic guide to PowerApps

Published by Barry Francis on the 24 of July 2018. Content PowerApp Prerequisites What is PowerApps PowerApps Licensing PowerApp Access PowerApp updates and Accouncements PowerApp Setup PowerApps Insert PowerApps Properties PowerApps Ribbon PowerApps Screens PowerApp Functionality - Dynamics 365 Assign Lookup Values Setup Search Back Button & Reset Form Filtered Lookups [...]

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Field Service

Published by Barry Francis on the 11 of June 2018.   Content Field Service Application Setup 365 Field Service Setup Field Service Capabilities Work Order Management Schedule Board and Dispatch Manual Scheduling Scheduling Assistant Resource Management Service Locations Inventory Management Customer Assets Purchase Orders Warehouses Inventory Transfers Inventory Adjustments Mobile App [...]

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Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on

Published by Barry Francis on the 02 of November 2017. Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on 365 Portal add-on setup Portal configuration 365 Roles and in-line editing toolbox 365 portal entity permissions 365 Knowledge base articles Dynamics 365 Portal Add-on Portals, by their very definition, are a doorway to [...]

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Dynamics CRM Plugins – The Basics

Published by Barry Francis on the 25th of April 2017. Content Plugin requirements Plugin setup Signing key Plugin scenarios Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Plugin registration Dynamics CRM has within it the tools needed to complete complex calculations through calculation fields, automation through workflows and dialogs, and web resources that allow for [...]

Dynamics CRM Plugins – The Basics2018-08-03T10:31:46+00:00