EC’s TRUENORTH implementation approach is AGILE at the core. It is a framework which is suited to projects with medium to high complexity. This methodology has been specifically and intentionally instilled in the business by EC’s leadership and is rooted in their experience gained through the delivery of hundreds of business technology solutions across multiple enterprise-grade software platforms.
Every project goes through a discovery phase. It’s the part of the project where we build an exciting and robust value proposition together with our prospective customers. Think of it as that trip that you take around your property with a really good architect; the architect brings their talent and experience to the table, you bring your desires and aspirations for your living space and together you create a vision for a home which is much more than you expected. We have invested heavily into a dedicated architecture function at EC and are proud of the team of deeply experienced CRM practitioners that we bring into the room. Our discovery phase does not terminate in a proposal, it ends with a detailed blueprint which then sets the tone for the entire project engagement.
We would love to take the word design and substitute the word engineering. The design phase is an exhibition of technical mastery and experience. We only allow the most qualified and senior members of our team to engage during the design phase. During this phase, we translate the architectural blueprint into the technical specifications that our product specialists, developers and data scientists can understand. Think of it as the job that a civil engineer is required to do once an architect has submitted and signed off a set of building plans. During the design phase we test our theories, validate assumptions and start working up prototypes. The outcome of the design phase is a set of specification documentation and a project backlog.
EC values technical depth across the entire team. We believe that deep technical expertise keeps us honest and enables us to give sound advice which presents a unique balance between what is possible and what is practical. The trust that is typically built between our project leads and our customers is the reason that our clients don’t stop working with us after the first project, but come back again and again to tackle new workloads and projects.
The implementation or build phase is where we turn the hard work of envisioning and design into reality. During the implementation phase, we engage the engine room of our company. Our team structure values specialists over generalists. We have a team which features product specialists for the platforms we support, developers, project managers, data scientists, architects and team leads. The result is a unique capacity for execution which is able to push the envelope whilst delivering with uncompromising quality.
TRUENORTH is our delivery methodology and is agile-at-the-core. We have embraced the agile methodology and have had it at the core of our delivery model for a few years. Agile has helped us to drive up collaboration between our delivery teams and our customers, it has helped us identify problems early, it has helped us to manage expectations proactively throughout our projects, it has helped us to build momentum and mobilize our delivery teams and it has improved the quality of our delivery. TRUENORTH values documentation, we believe that excellent documentation is only possible when the architecture and design execution is excellent. We are able to produce detailed documentation because of our dedicated architecture function, which we believe has caused us to dedicate more appropriate proportions of project effort to architecture and design which in turn increases project predictability and controls cost.
Our agile implementations produce tangible versions of project deliverables very early in the development process. This enables us to communicate progress clearly with project sponsors, validate functionality with customer representatives and ensure usability through end users engagement throughout the development process.
Activation in TRUENORTH is what is commonly known as change management. Customer Relationship Management projects require a specialized approach to managing changes in the technology landscape, IT infrastructure, business processes and reporting. TRUENORTH provides an activity system and associated controls to assist with managing change. Activation is more than change management. Activation includes a set of post implementation deliverables which ensure that user adoption is achieved at an acceptable level (more than just training), improvements in efficiency are actually delivered, business objectives set out during discovery are actually met and that the business case which was established during the envisioning phase actually materializes.
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