The Mesh engine makes use of pluggable and customizable adapters. Adapters take care of connecting to the data sources and the semantics of querying data. Adapters handle the differences between source data types and destination data types. They do all of the heavy lifting associated with presenting data to the Mesh engine. Adapters also handle the insert, update and delete operations which are performed against the target data source.


 Mesh is able to deliver scalable and reliable data synchronization between two data sources. Mesh is more than just an engine for data synchronization. Mesh enables data to be augmented before it is pushed to its destination data source. We do this in the following two ways:
Additional Data Sources

Mesh is able to bring data from multiple sources into a staging area before the synchronization process is started. This allows for fields which are not actually part of the source data set to be mapped to the destination data source in a single movement. It is possible to create new data points from unstructured data and support innovative new data integration scenarios.

Machine Learning

Mesh is capable of creating and working with virtual fields. Virtual fields are data points which do not exist in the source data and which are not pulled from other data sources. Virtual fields are calculated and/or populated from the outputs of machine learning services. We currently work with the Cortana Intelligence Suite.


Mesh is configured using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Users are able to create new synchronization jobs and define the semantics for data synchronization. Using the Mesh tools, users are able to determine exactly how data is transformed between source and destination data sources, they are able to configure master-slave relationships, set default values, determine exactly when data is included in synchronisation jobs and more.


Mesh has been designed for extensibility. We are constantly working on new integration scenarios and building new adapters. Some of the exciting adapters in alpha include a web crawler, an IoT adapter and an adapter for Sage One (accounting and payroll software). The adapters we currently have available are:
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