Whitespace is a product which sales professionals can use to build wallet share and deepen relationships at scale. Traditional cross-selling requires sales professionals to understand synergies between products, have knowledge of product penetration, have visibility into relationship health and more. Whitespace using Machine Learning and highly specialized data visualizations to present opportunities for cross-selling and then helps sales professionals to understand these opportunities.
A mature approach to developing customer relationships requires more than just insight into opportunities for cross-selling. Whitespace integrates with CRM and transactional systems to build out visibility into the context in which the cross-selling opportunity exists. This context includes data elements such as relationship health, purchase behaviour over time, sales targets and actual performance against those targets and more.


Whitespace helps to drive sales targets, awareness of relationship health and both cross-selling and up-selling opportunities into the hands of sales professionals on the ground. Opportunities to connect with customers are valuable. Chatting about sports and drinking coffee are great for building interpersonal relationships but customer interactions should be more productive. Whitespace provides account managers and sales professionals with information for optimizing conversations with customers.


Whitespace data pages are more that just charts and numbers. Our intelligent canvasses present sales professionals with data from transactional systems together with target information and performance against targets. Indicators such as pipeline coverage give users the ability to prioritise work and ensure that goals are always top of mind.
Sales professionals are able to set reminders, create actions for other sales team members and even add a customer to a marketing list for inclusion in marketing campaigns.


WhiteSpace is about opening up conversations with your existing customers. The marketing tools are typically used by outbound sales teams to improve the conversion rates of outbound marketing campaigns. This is achieved through hyper-focussed messages and targeting those messages at more specific subsets of customers based on historical interaction and propensity to spend.


Data is the heart of WhiteSpace. We use Mesh (our data integration product) to consolidate data from a variety of different data sources including ERP, Operations Support Systems, and CRM. Mesh gives us a single, central and coherent data source and the foundation for augmenting the data. Our team of data scientists uses a variety of different techniques including machine learning to produce the user experiences which unlock the potential revenue which typically sits in your existing customer database.
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